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Fort Worth, TX roofing services, vinyl siding installation, & window replacement

At Titan Contractors we can repair and restore your roof in Fort Worth, TX so that it is beautiful and providing protection for you and your family again. Roofs naturally wear out over time, but with the proper maintenance and repair services, it can be restored and functioning like new in no time! Our roofing specialists care about your home just as much as you do.

If you are a homeowner in Fort Worth, TX and wish to have your siding replaced, Titan Contractors can walk you through our process and guarantee a completed job you will love. We also perform regular roof maintenance to be sure that your home's exterior components are working together to protect the inside of your home.

You and your family love your Texas home, but the roof is starting to look weathered and damaged and you're considering full roof replacement altogether for a new look and added function. The process has never been easier - with our expert team and certified roofing specialists; we can give you the roof you've always dreamed of.

Titan Contractors roofing services available in Fort Worth, TX:

  • Roof repair, replacement & maintenance
  • Roof leak repair
  • Emergency roof repair
  • Hail damage/Ice damage
  • Vinyl siding installation
  • Replacement window options
  • Commercial/Residential roofing

Contact Titan Contractors today for free estimates on any of the above listed services we have to offer.

Work Requests From Fort Worth, TX
Vicinity of Minden St. in Fort Worth
Need to replace 10 single pane aluminum frame windows in my wood frame house. Looking to get several estimates. Thanks!
Vicinity of Hampshire Blvd in Fort Worth
We recently had an incident and there were damages from a cable wire being pulled were to the front of the house and one of the adjacent side where the wire wrapped around the home. A cable box was pulled from the nails of the front wall and was left hanging. The other box that was on the side of the house and was still drilled on to the house, however the wire was yanked out of the box and the nails that held it in place where also yanked out causing damage to the siding on the house. The wire that wrapped around the house was tucked in certain places and the siding on that part of the house was also lifted and bend from the force of the incident that left the house siding weak and broken in some places. We were wondering if we could repair it or if we would have to reinstall new siding on those walls as well as an estimate of the cost this would take to complete the project.
Vicinity of Yeary St in Fort Worth
Would like to get an estimate for roof replacement and siding repair/replace due to age and wind/rain damage.
Vicinity of Waddell in Fort Worth
Need an estimate for our rent house please
Vicinity of Glenmore Avw in Fort Worth
Vicinity of Sunwood Circle in Fort Worth
Roof repair
Vicinity of Elmhurst Dr in Fort Worth
Thunderstorm yesterday, chances to damaged roof
Vicinity of Silverbell Lane in Fort Worth
My home is in need of a new roof due to hail. I am in the process of gathering quotes from vendors and if you are available to provide an estimate, please call me to discuss your services and availability.
Vicinity of W Clover Park Dr in Fort Worth
Leak in roof
Vicinity of Donnelly Ave in Fort Worth
I need an estimate to have the vinyl siding replaced on my home. It was damaged in a hail storm earlier this year.
Vicinity of Waits Ave in Fort Worth
Vicinity of Buffalo Springs Dr in Fort Worth
Roof damage after our last storm
Vicinity of Avenue D in Fort Worth
Seeking free estimate for metal roof on home
Vicinity of Haylee Dr in Fort Worth
I have hail damage and i would like a quote for a whole new roof.
Vicinity of Wagonwheel Rd in Fort Worth
Roofing due to wind & hail damages. Has filed claim with insurance company. You are listed as one of their recommendations.
Vicinity of Nightingale Dr. in Fort Worth
Need some shingles replaced. Had a few shingles come off during the last storm.
Vicinity of Cattlebaron Parc Dr. in Fort Worth
I have a roof vent that blew off. Looks to me like it's a 12 or 14 inch vent. Don't know if it was a turbine or just a vent, but I think I would like to replace it with a turbine.
Vicinity of CLEARBROOK DRIVE in Fort Worth
Hail Damage. Need estimate.
Vicinity of Malvey Ave in Fort Worth
Damage from the severe hail storm in Fort Worth
Vicinity of Warren Lane in Fort Worth
I have a small leak in the living room. I would like it repaired. No other issues just one area. Thanks
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