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Titan Contractors specializes in commercial and residential roof services in Dallas County, TX. We have specifically targeted our company’s focus on repairing and replacing roofs, vinyl siding installation, replacement windows, and other home exterior projects.

If you are a homeowner in Dallas County, TX and wish to have your siding replaced, Titan Contractors can walk you through our process and guarantee a completed job you will love. We also perform regular roof maintenance to be sure that your home’s exterior components are working together to protect the inside of your home.

You and your family love your Texas home, but the roof is starting to look weathered and damaged and you’re considering full roof replacement altogether for a new look and added function. The process has never been easier – with our expert team and certified roofing specialists; we can give you the roof you’ve always dreamed of.

Titan Contractors roofing services available in Dallas County, TX:

  • Roof repair, replacement & maintenance
  • Roof leak repair
  • Emergency roof repair
  • Hail damage/Ice damage
  • Vinyl siding installation
  • Replacement window options
  • Commercial/Residential roofing

Contact Titan Contractors today for free estimates on any of the above listed services we have to offer.

Job Stories From Dallas County, TX
Stop N Save Project

How One Convenience Store Owner Who Thought His Situation Was Hopeless
Ended Up With a Solution That Will Save Him Money for Years to Come

Running a convenience store is challenging under the best circumstances, but what happens when you have a large capital expense that threatens to consume already thin margins?

Mr. Hussain and his family purchased Stop and Save ten years ago. Convenience stores have some of the highest energy costs per square foot of any industry, because of lighting, heating and a/c requirementsand the need to run refrigeration units 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Throw in razor thin margins and long working hours, and it takes a smart businessman to operate successfully. But Mr. Hussain and his son Ran have worked hard, made the business successful, and recently purchased another nearby business.

The roof was already 10 years old when Stop & Save was purchased. Successive storms did further damage. Because of its age, the Hussains did not think the insurance company would pay to replace the damaged roof. For years they repaired and patched the roof. Unfortunately, patches simply force the water to find another way into the building. Every time it rained, the roof leaked extensively, staining the ceiling tiles, damaging inventory and creating wet and slippery floors that were a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Enter Glenn Kendall and Mike Brink of Titan Contractors. They met Mr. Hussain at the 2nd annual NTBA Expo, an alliance of similar businesses. When they visited his store in March of 2013, they first inspected the inside of the store, and then carefully examined the roof. What they found was not a pretty sight. However, the roof was so old and worn that hail damage on the roof was not easy to spot and there were no obvious sources for the leaks observed inside the building. And yet, with their experience with commercial buildings, they believed they could make a strong case that the insurance company should replace the roof.

They helped Mr. Hussain file an insurance claim and a few weeks later met with the insurance adjuster to examine the roof. Because of the age of the roof, the adjuster was uncertain where to begin. This is where Titan’s experience with commercial properties came into play. Glenn and Mike pointed out all of the symptoms of damage they had noted on their prior visit. Their review was thorough and when the inspection was finished, the adjuster agreed to replace not only the roof, but also industrial grade gutters, metal siding on the roof, damaged grease traps and other outlets on the roof as well as all the ceiling tiles inside the store. The existing roof had no insulation, but since building codes require 3.3” of insulation for replacement roofs, Titan was able to get the adjuster to pay for new insulation under the terms of the insurance policy.

The insurance process moves slowly, but in August 2013, installation began. The old roof was removed. New 3.3” ISO (insulation) boards were installed. 10ft wide sheets of TPO were laid over the ISO, mechanically attached with steel insulation plates, and then heat welded at temperatures up to 1500 degrees to create a chemical reaction that bonds the sheets of TPO together. The result is similar to creating a swimming pool liner for your roof: water has no way to get inside the building. And new ceiling tiles installed inside the store have brightened the interior.

TPO (thermal plastic overlay) is a highly reflective synthetic material used by Walmart and Lowes in their retail stores. TPO, along with the additional insulation, will provide substantial energy savings to Stop & Save in the years to come. The upfront cost of a TPO roof is slightly more expensive than a comparable modified bitumen roof, but with a longer life span, and easier maintenance, it is more cost effective in the long run. However, Titan upgraded Mr. Hussain’s roof to TPO at no additional charge. Titan included a 20 year no dollar limit, no-leak warranty, backed directly by Carlisle, the manufacturer (before issuing the warranty, Carlisle sends out an inspector who checks for strict adherence to Carlisle’s installation standards). And finally, Titan included a two year maintenance program as part the job. Titan will inspect Mr. Hussain’s roof quarterly during the first year, and provide a thorough inspection and power wash the first two years to keep Stop & Save’s roof operating at maximum reflectivity.

As Troy Cruthers, Titan’s senior partner explains “It’s part of our culture here at Titan Contractors to go the extra mile for the customer. We want a relationship that continues long after the job is finished.”

Troy’s words were recently echoed by Mr. Hussain, who said “We are friends now, not just business partners, and friends do favors for friends.” Favors have worked both ways. Mr. Hussain has referred other business owners to Mike and Glenn. And, two months ago, Mr. Hussain installed a new a/c unit on the roof. Because a new curb needed to be built, and knowing that might impact his warranty, Mr. Hussain asked Mike Brink to consult with his a/c technician, and Titan ending up building the new curb.

Titan’s CFO, Keith Cruthers, is fond of asking “Did you make any friends today?” Well Mike Brink and Mr. Hussain discovered they live just a few doors away from each other, and recently Mr. Hussain invited Mike over for chai tea and cookies. At Titan, we don’t just make customers, we make friends.


Stop N Save Project - Photo 1
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